Big Data

Moving from collecting to understanding.

Capitalizing on Big Data

Companies currently face a multitude of pressures— an uncertain market, shifting consumer dynamics, a wide array of competition, and increasing expectations from the market.  Companies who evolve Big Data platforms and understand their customers and their operations deeply will retain market share and grow – they will deliver data-powered experiences and achieve stronger engagement tailored to customers’ unique needs.


Our Smarter How

Smart Network

At the heart of your business is network to information vital to achieve business growth. We help our clients understand the data streams which power your revenue. Transactional and Big Data are fundamentally different – they create customer experiences that are inviting, effective, predictive and frictionless. The smarter your network, the more loyal your customers.

Faster Insights

Convert transactional, operational, and other enterprise data into revenue opportunities by running real-time analytics and machine learning on your systems. Supporting enterprise functions with artificial intelligence requires an understanding of where it can truly add value. Our machine learning and AI proven practices help clients identify opportunities, and capitalise faster.

Customer Data Platforms

Competition is driving greater investment in customer relationships and data is at the heart of this play. We help clients to execute data strategies across the enterprise which personalize engagement and become more predictive around customer needs and business opportunities.

Product & CX Innovation

Entrenched data and content structures limit the ability of companies to become customer-first. They restrict growth potential. Understanding of why and how data structures wrap around products and customer workflows empowers you to make the right moves. We help clients evaluate their IT to turn customer needs and wants into compelling new products, services and experiences that drive profitability.

Our Latest

Facebook Fights Belgian Ban On Tracking Users (And Non-Users)

Facebook is challenging a ban on tracking citizen data by the Belgian Government which prevents it collecting information from users and even non-users under EU law. The company tracks local users surfing habits, including millions of Belgian residents who aren’t even part of the social network.