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Successful retailers must evolve the space they own in digital and in-store environments to exceed their customers’ expectations. Retailers who embrace progressive, agile and cost-effective ways to deliver against the increasingly sophisticated needs and wants will dominate carts and minds.


Our Smarter Approach

Winning in Retail

We help retailers transform their visions into reality—whether online or offline—in ways that deliver value to both their customers and their business. Through our deep experience of strategy, data, technologies and operations, we help our clients understand how to create lasting loyalty.

Data-Driven Retail

Few retailers get the full value from the enormous amount of customer data they now have. We work with retailers to create and execute strategies using data from all touchpoints that anticipate customer needs and make shopping faster and easier.

Retail IT Modernization

Our co-creation approach to IT modernization reshapes processes, transforms systems and builds a new internal culture that enables clients to deliver the agility and speed they need to adapt to customers’ varied and changing expectations.

Store of the Future

Digital offerings have raised the expectations customers have when they enter a physical store. We work with retailers to reimagine the end-to-end customer journey across the digital and in-store experience to enhance engagement, self-service and checkout.

Supply Chain Optimization

Supply chain strategies designed for single, unlinked channels lack the agility and speed to meet new market demands. Our approach to supply chain optimization delivers flexibility, efficiency and performance across multiple channels.

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Facebook Fights Belgian Ban On Tracking Users (And Non-Users)

Facebook is challenging a ban on tracking citizen data by the Belgian Government which prevents it collecting information from users and even non-users under EU law. The company tracks local users surfing habits, including millions of Belgian residents who aren’t even part of the social network.