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Strategy and Consulting

Getting from customer needs to implementation is too long, and too difficult. Strategy must understand business capability from the start. Technology activation and business transformation without thoughtful strategic context is reckless. To truly grow through digital business transformation means realising customer experience, strategy and implementation.


Our Smarter How

Our strategy experts work closely with our technology teams to develop genuinely high impact strategies which ensure effective digital business transformation. Our work puts the customer experience first to grow your base. Deeper and larger accounts are complemented by new clients and better business relationships. All powered by a smoother, more effective delivery of services by your team, at lower cost than today. We provide true digital leadership. In thought and practice.

Our Approach

We structure our approach with the twin tracks of strategy and technology. Our approach is agile, efficient and accelerated. Each parallel work-stream is results driven and closely coordinated with your team. Only through this focused, collaborative approach can digital business transformation happen in safe and speedy manner allowing us to map your journey to greater revenue and online success.

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Facebook Fights Belgian Ban On Tracking Users (And Non-Users)

Facebook is challenging a ban on tracking citizen data by the Belgian Government which prevents it collecting information from users and even non-users under EU law. The company tracks local users surfing habits, including millions of Belgian residents who aren’t even part of the social network.